I have been interested in photography since the age of 11, when I was given my first camera. My photography,
is an extension of my different carreer paths, and book ideas. I work with medium format 120 film, 35mm film, and
digital camera images. I can be described as a perfectionist, and I also go the extra distance, to get the perfect picture.

I am fixated on the Art of the photographer, and the Art of the photograph, along with finding the spectacular to
capture for prosperity. Sable Island requires people, to have open hearts and open minds, far too many individuals look,
but do not see the whole picture. I have also found that carrying a camera makes you a better observer, and forces you
to take notice of what surrounds you. Sometimes it can be right in front of you. After a while you start to appreciate the
little things, the stuff that would not normally register on your subconscious.

I enjoy producing fine art photographs of all types, including wildlife, photojournalistic type nature photographs,
and aerial photography. I prefer action, but have the patience, to plan, set up, and capture an image.

Like Attilla the Hun, I was introduced to horses early. At the tender age of 16 months, I was photographed on
       horse back. When I was 3 years old, my father purchased a New Forest pony for me to ride. Just like Alexander the
       Great, and his horse Bucephalus, Pippin and I were inseparable. He was my friend, guardian, and transportation.
With 20 years of practical experience riding, driving horse drawn vehicles, livng with, working, and observing horses;
I have developed an intimate, and unique understanding of the equine mental process, along with their motivations.
Ultimately this is reflected in the character of my photography, and how the Sable Island horses react to my presence.

As the only award winning commercial airplane and helicopter pilot, trained to Airline Transport Pilot Licence
standards, to have daily experience year round, on Sable Island, I have a comprehensive understanding of the
specific, issues associated with aircraft operations, and the operating limits, of each type.

I am the only professionally trained Master Guide, registered in the province of Nova Scotia, with detailed
knowledge, and extensive practical experience, of Sable Island conditions.  I have lived on the 'Graveyard of the
Atlantic', for extentended periods, during the last 9 years, and have explored the whole island, the hard way.

This website is all about pictures of Sable Island and the equine inhabitants that live there. Hence the name
sableislandhorse.com.. I will not be duplicating the work of others herein. I have no interest in expressing public or
private opinions, or becoming entangled in the issues associated with Sable Island, NS..

I love this island, this spec of sand, this horses paradise of tranquility and peace. Everytime I return to the
"Graveyard of the Atlantic", it is like going home to where my soul lives, and when I have to leave, it can only be
described as being cast out of heaven and back into hell!

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